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Pilot Prodigies is a dynamic and engaging workshop that introduces middle and high school students to the thrilling world of drones and aviation. Led by an experienced pilot and professional drone operator, the workshop combines personal stories, hands-on drone activities, and valuable career insights to inspire and educate young minds about the possibilities in the aviation and STEM fields.


Introduction and Personal Journey

15 Min

Sharing the presenter’s experiences as a young pilot, the process of obtaining a Part 107 license, and discussing the broad spectrum of career opportunities in drone piloting, highlighting career opportunities.

Drone Basics and Safety

30 Min

Educating students about different drone types, fundamental flight principles, and emphasizing the importance of safety and responsible drone operation.

Drone Soccer Demonstration

30 Min

Introducing drone soccer as an accessible sport, conducting a live demonstration, and discussing the values of teamwork and sportsmanship inherent in the sport.

Hands-On Drone Experience

60 Min

Providing students with a supervised opportunity to try basic drone controls, teaching them simple maneuvers, and offering a taste of drone soccer.

Career Exploration and Q&A

15 Min

Presenting an overview of lucrative job opportunities available with a Part 107 license, discussing the benefits of a career in drone piloting and aviation, and addressing students’ questions.